Incredible Agafay Desert Adventure: Quad Biking, Camel Ride, and Dinner Show 2023

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Agafay Day Pass, agafay Desert, Marrakesh, Morocco
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Welcome to the Incredible Agafay Desert Adventure: Quad Biking, Camel Ride, and Dinner Show 2023! Prepare to embark on a thrilling and unforgettable experience in the stunning Agafay Desert. This action-packed adventure offers a unique combination of quad biking, camel riding, and a mesmerizing dinner show, ensuring an extraordinary day filled with excitement, culture, and delicious cuisine.

The Agafay Desert is a hidden gem, located just a short distance from Marrakech, Morocco. With its mesmerizing landscapes and golden sand dunes, it provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable desert adventure.

Kickstart your experience with an adrenaline-pumping quad biking session. Feel the rush as you navigate through the desert’s rugged terrain, enjoying the freedom and thrill of riding on these powerful machines. Explore the vast expanses of the Agafay Desert, immersing yourself in its natural beauty and capturing breathtaking moments along the way.

Next, prepare for a unique mode of transport as you hop on a traditional camel for a memorable ride. Let the gentle swaying of the camel’s rhythmic gait transport you back in time as you traverse the desert like a true nomad. Enjoy the panoramic views and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the desert surroundings, creating lasting memories of this enchanting journey.

As the day transitions into the evening, prepare for an extraordinary dinner show under the starry desert sky. Indulge in a sumptuous feast of authentic Moroccan cuisine, savoring the rich flavors and aromas that are synonymous with this vibrant culture. Be captivated by traditional music and dance performances, showcasing the rich heritage of Morocco. This immersive cultural experience will leave you mesmerized, providing a deeper understanding of the country’s traditions and customs.

The Incredible Agafay Desert Adventure is designed to cater to both adventure enthusiasts and cultural enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a captivating cultural experience, this adventure offers the best of both worlds. Perfect for individuals, couples, families, or even groups of friends, this activity promises a truly unforgettable journey.

Join us for the Incredible Agafay Desert Adventure: Quad Biking, Camel Ride, and Dinner Show 2023, and create lifelong memories in the heart of Morocco’s enchanting desert. Book your adventure today and get ready to embark on a remarkable experience that combines adventure, culture, and gastronomy in the mesmerizing Agafay Desert.


  • 1h Quad Ride
  • 1h camel Ride
  • Moroccan Dinner and Show
  • Tips
  • Drinks


Day Pass (1 – 6 hours)
Fullday (+7hours)
Night Pass



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Agafay Day Pass, agafay Desert, Marrakesh, Morocco
From: €90.00


Agafay Day Pass

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